Brescia Stampi

Environmental sustainability: Brescia Stampi's commitment to obtain ISO 14001

Brescia Stampi has put in place all the procedures to obtain ISO 14001 environmental certification in the year 2023.

Corporate welfare: laboratory and mechanical workshop always at a constant temperature

Brescia Stampi has installed a heat pump air-conditioning system in the work environment that allows a constant temperature and humidity all year round.

Green investments: our photovoltaic system

Brescia Stampi's concern for the environment has resulted in an important investment: the new photovoltaic plant.

Innovating to keep growing: our new machining centre

We purchased a new machining centre for small series machining with automatic loading by robot.

Integration of EROWA 4.0 JMS Mold Line process control via chip

The new chip-based electrode control system

The new ADT Carbon e-commerce

An e-commerce to purchase innovative products for the bike racing sector with a click.

Brescia Stampi proposes a new reality on the Brescia industrial scene: ADT Carbon

High mechanical resistance, extreme lightness, low density, thermal insulation capacity, resistance to temperature variations and to the effect of chemical agents and good fireproof properties.